Water in Toule

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Toule Primary school is home to over 200 students, some of which board at this primary school.

There are very limited resources here, and students are required to bring and cook their own food. There is also one river that flow next to the school and the students use it for everything - bathing, washing their clothes, cooking and drinking. All across PNG the dry seasons have been getting drier and the river has been progessively drying up. Students get sick very easily as the water is not clean or purified for drinking.

We are looking for either one or two solutions: firstly - is there a cheap system we can set up in Toule so the school can consistently purify the water. Or secondly is there any technology that exists where we can turn the humidity in the air into clean water? Please input your ideas and suggestions below!

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Capture water from humidity?
Status: In Progress

We've heard of a way to capture fog in the sky and turn it into drinking water.

Is there another way we can do this with humidity in the air? If so we need help with research and contacts so we can try to build one in PNG!

Cheap methods of sanitising water?
Status: In Progress

Looking to see if anyone knows a way to sanitise water for a school of over 200 students?

We have the river to access water - but is there a system you might know of that we can build? What are the risks/implications for the river?

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