Water Shortages

The project

We met recently with the Youth Ambassadors from Nammen village, Nonghet. These Youth Ambassadors were selected through a community consultation process and they want to develop into leaders of their community. We spent some time with them running media literacy training sessions where they learned how to film and edit their own videos.

The Youth Ambassadors interviewed their friends, families and members of the community to find out what issues were impacting other young people in Nonghet. The biggest concern was water - collecting it, storing it and accessing it in the dry seasons. We've been working with supporters to come up with some low-cost solutions to help address this issue. You can join in below too.

Our progress
The Issue
The Tasks
Our to do list
Lets work together to bring this project to life. All tasks can be completed online, sign up to help out with one or simply to lend your ideas.
Models for Fog Catching Home Kits
Status: Pending

The protoyping of the Fog Water Traps was a huge success!

Discuss how to test rainwater harvesting tanks
Status: Completed

Let's use this thread to discuss the activities we need to do to test the rainwater harvesting tanks. 


Develop strategy to build prototype for fog traps
Status: Completed

After the initial phase of ideas collection, fog traps has come up as one of the top ideas. So we will use this thread to discuss the different steps to make this happen. 

Solutions for water storage
Status: Completed

As you can see in the intro video. The community is having some issues related to water. Can you help us research some low cost  and long term solutions that could help the community have access to water in a sustainable way?

How can you help make this happen?
Status: Completed

Thanks for joining our team to help youth in Nammen find a way to source and store water!

Media Gallery

  • Making mesh for building fog water traps
  • Building traps that capture fog water to turn into drinking water in Nonghet, Laos
  • The trap working to capture fog