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Our Youth Ambassadors in Nonghet recently made a video to discuss one of the issues impacting young people in their community. 

One major issue they identified is lack of employment for young people in Nonghet District. After small-scale farming, which most of their families do, there are no existing avenues for employment. 

We recently ran a workshop with another group of Youth Ambassadors in Nonghet, where they used local bamboo to build bicycles! Inspired by this idea, these Youth Ambassadors would like to explore what else we can build out of bamboo - things that could easily be sold at a market and used to generate income for their youth group.

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As you can see in the video, the Youth Ambassadors in Nonghet are interested in trying to build things out of bamboo, so that they can learn skills as well as generate income by selling their products at local markets.

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