Solar Panels in Kayah

The project

ChildFund Myanmar is working with local organisations in Kayah State to provide solar panels and school supplies for children and students.

The education and literacy rates in Kayah State are among the lowest rankings across the country, which already rank low on the worldwide level. Thanks to your support, ChildFund Myanmar has been able to install solar panels across twenty villages in Kayah, bringing electricity to communities and enabling children to do their homework at night. ChildFund Myanmar is also working to improve the capacity of local partners are their staff to deliver more effective development programs to address education issues.

Our progress
Global Community thanks to your contributions we have been able to achieve the following:
Solar panels installed in homes across 20 villages in Kayah State
Vocational training for teaching staff working in local schools.
Improved capacity of local partners organisations that we work with.
Increased awareness about the importance of education for students and families.
" My name is Jeru
I like going to my village school and playing with my friends. Before I never used to study at night and now I can.”