Fog Water Traps

The project

Our youth ambassadors in Nonghet selected access to water as an issue they wanted to work on. We opened up this issue to our Global Community supporters who helped us to brainstorm and research some potential solutions.

The best idea was to capture fog from the sky, and turn it into drinking water through a Fog Water Trap. We worked with online volunteers, an NGO in France called Electriciens sans frontières and our Youth Ambassadors to implement a prototype in Nonghet. A consultant came from Electriciens sans frontières to teach the Youth Ambassadors how to install a fog trap and he did a test to see if it would work. It did! We captured 50 litres of water in one night! We are now working with the Youth Ambassadors to see how we can scale this prototype up, to hopefully provide water for the entire community.

Our progress
Global Community thanks to your contributions we have been able to achieve the following:
Four Fog Water Traps prototyped in two locations in Paka Village.
Vocational training and expertise for the Youth Ambassadors involved.
Potential water supply for school and community gardens.
Youth Ambassadors leading their own development projects.
" My name is Xia
Before we had to collect water from a well near the street. It was far from my house, we only had one black bucket and it took me about 20 minutes to carry it home.”