Backyard Gardening

The project

In Central Province there is widespread poverty. With unbalanced diets, many children suffer malnutrition and stunted growth. Most farming households are unable to meet their basic needs and children either cannot afford to go to school or they remain at home to help out on their family farms.

Global Community sponsorship funds are being used to tackle this problem across 13 villages and 18 schools in Central Province. Over the next few years we will be working with families and schools on the development of resource centres, backyard gardens, poultry units and nutrition training for both teachers and students. By June 2016 we expect over 7,000 girls, boys, men and women to benefit from this project.

Our progress
Global Community thanks to your contributions we have been able to achieve the following:
Poultry units established in 7 schools in Central.
12 schools provided with supplies and materials.
30 training programs, reaching 215 people.
60 households provided with livelihood kits.
" This project
will help to improve household income and diets of families from 13 villages and 18 schools in Central.”