Global Community sponsor visits Nonghet in Laos
12/12/16 12:08

One of our long term Global Community sponsors, Evelyn, visited the her sponsored community in Nonghet, Laos. Read about her trip here!

18/10/16 11:27

“Shivering cold and hovering my hands above a bowl of burning embers in a classroom – this wasn’t exactly what I was expecting when I was heading to rural Laos.”

Two girls in a field, Cambodia
19/09/16 9:39

What exactly is community sponsorship, and how is it different to child sponsorship? Read on to find out about the unique benefits of these two programs.

Four young children in Papua New Guinea
31/08/16 11:48

Papua New Guinea’s first national tele-counselling service marks it's one-year anniversary, receiving over 2,500 calls in the past 12 months.

23/08/16 16:16

Over the past three years, tuberculosis (TB) has killed 9,000 people in Papua New Guinea (PNG), with children accounting for 26 per cent of detected cases, according to a new report released today by ChildFund Australia.

Young boy in front of his school in Myanmar
04/08/16 13:03

Have you always wanted to meet people from another country, and work towards changing lives for people in poverty? Well, we've got just the project for you!

Inside a women's refuge in Papua New Guinea
24/06/16 14:46

Papua New Guinea has one of the world’s highest rates of violence against women and children. Appallingly, two out of three women have been beaten by their husbands and often when mothers are assaulted, their children are too.

Women holding her baby in Papua New Guinea
24/06/16 13:30

Women who have experienced violence will soon be able to access support via a national, toll-free hotline, the first of its kind in Papua New Guinea.

Girl in pink jacket filling water from a tap
23/06/16 12:49

What would your life be like if you had to walk two hours each day to get water?

It’s hard to even imagine but this is today’s reality for many children in Laos.

Hmong boys in Nonghet village
23/06/16 12:08

It is natural for an adult to worry about their child; it goes with the territory of parenthood after all. But to hear children talk of their fear of losing their parents is something else.

For some kids this may be an unfounded fear. In Laos, this fear is terrifyingly real.